October 1, 2022
What Is UV Air Sterilization?
What Is UV Air Sterilization?

What Is UV Air Sterilization?

As the summer weather starts to turn colder and the days get shorter, it is easy to see that fall is coming! While we prepare to embrace pumpkin spice everything, we also prepare to face the upcoming cold and flu season. With the addition of Covid-19 to the flu and cold concerns, you might wonder how you can stay healthy this fall. Luckily, the air quality experts at McCarthy Air Conditioning have just the solution you need. Let’s talk about the powerful UV air sterilization technology that can eliminate germs from traveling through your heating and cooling ducts into your air.


What Is UV Air Sterilization?

A UV air purifier is a device that uses UV light technology to “capture” the air in your home and pass it through a high-quality filter. After going through the filter, the air goes through a small internal chamber. Inside the chamber, the air becomes exposed to UV-C light. Certain filters take it a step further and will pass the air through the filter before releasing it back into your home.


What Is UV-C Light?

UVC refers to a specific ultraviolet wavelength. It is also known as Germicidal UV, a type of ultraviolet light. UVC is also called germicidal because it kills the DNA of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It accomplishes this by disrupting their ability to multiply and cause disease. Basically, it will reduce the spread of disease.


How Does UV-C Light Work?

UV-C uses short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation. These wavelengths are usually 200-300 nanometers and carry the perfect amount of energy to kill microorganisms. When you apply UV-C light to germs, the following takes place:

  •  First, the cell’s RNA and DNA absorb the high energy from the UV-C wavelength.
  • Then, the energy will damage the nucleic acid and disrupt the cell’s DNA.
  • Finally, due to DNA disruption, the cell can not perform any vital cellular functions and cannot reproduce. The cell can no longer spread the disease or infection.


Is UV-C Light Effective To Purify The Air?

UV-C light has a long history of treating and controlling disease-causing germs. Studies show it effectively reduces the levels of bacteria and funguses in the air. Several studies show that it reduces the number of overall infections in hospitals. In addition, UV-C light treatment is a proven pathogen treatment technology discovered decades ago. Recent peer reviews by the Canadian Journal of Infection Control and the American Journal of Infection Control have shown that it lessens contact infections in long-term acute care facilities.


Benefits of UV Air Sterilization


1. Help Your Health

Poor indoor air quality often leads to other health problems. Health problems like allergies and asthma impact your breathing and well-being. While poor air quality affects allergies and asthma, the bigger threat is microorganisms that float unseen in the air you breathe. If someone is under the weather and sneezes in your home, your HVAC system picks up the particles and recirculates them in the air. As a result, the air recirculating increases the chances that other family members will also get sick. Luckily, a UV air sterilizer helps prevent germs spread by destroying them before they recirculate in the air.


2. Good-Bye Bad Smells

Smells come from small molecules in your air. While the particles will dissipate over time, they can linger longer than you’d like, causing horrible odors. Even if you are an excellent housekeeper, it is difficult to remove odors because they are in the air. A UV air sterilizer helps remove these smells permanently by neutralizing the odor-causing particles. Maybe you deal with a persistent cigarette odor or the lingering smell of this morning’s burnt toast. Your air sterilization system will oxidize the smelly molecules leaving your air smelling fresh and sweet.


3. Better For The Environment

You want to keep your home and your family healthy and clean. However, many sterilization products on the market are detrimental to your health, environment, and home. UV-C light is a wonderful and environmentally friendly method to create a cleaner home and planet. It leaves no chemical residue on surfaces and is highly effective.


Our REME Halo UV Air Sterilization System

The REME Halo is a specially designed and unique whole home air purification system that our team uses and recommends! Trumping other air purifiers and filter technologies, it adds an extra layer of clean air protection to your home. While many other systems only reduce some types of contaminants, the REME Halo works to remove all kinds of indoor air pollutants and even several viruses.


How Does the REME HALO Work?

This air purifier uses special advanced technology called Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME) to replicate the natural process of hydrogen-peroxide molecules. Hydrogen-peroxide molecules are natural purifiers of the outdoor air.

After professional installation, the REME HALO creates ionized hydrogen-peroxide molecules. Then, your HVAC system will distribute the molecules throughout the home. Next, the molecules travel through the air and break down the bacteria, odors, mold spores, and viruses they find.

Finally, the system emits a charge that induces other particles (like dust and dander) to band together. As they band together, they get bigger. This makes it easier for your existing filter to catch them. As a result, this tool purifies every cubic foot of your air-conditioned home, leaving you with fresh, clean air.


What Are The Benefits of A REME HALO Air Sterilization System?

There are many benefits to installing a REME HALO air sterilization system in your home. We will highlight a few of the wonderful benefits below:

  • The REME HALO pulls common allergy triggers from your air. Thoroughly tested, it reduces airborne and surface bacteria and viruses, such as MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk.
  • It will destroy up to 99% of the bacteria and viruses found on surfaces and in the air.
  • Worried about germs traveling through the air after someone sneezes? The system will reduce the germs by 99% before the sneeze reaches three feet.
  • The system lessens airborne particulates like pollen, dander, dust, microbes, and allergens.
  • Helps eliminate triggers of asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Easily integrates with your current HVAC system and operates quietly.
  • A third-party study showed that REME HALO is 99.9% effective against COVID-19. Please note these studies are ongoing.


Cleaner Air, Anyone?

A UV air sterilization system can help keep you and your family healthier this upcoming flu season. So, if you are in Southwest Florida, call McCarthy Air Conditioning! A family-owned and operated business, we believe in treating our customers like family. Our 40 years of combined experience and commitment to ethical, quality work keeps our customers returning. See how our expert, trusted, and knowledgeable team of professionals can help give you cleaner air in no time.

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Published: October 1, 2022
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