October 2, 2023
How To Choose The Best Location For Installing Air Conditioning

How To Choose The Best Location For Installing Air Conditioning


There’s a lot that goes into choosing a new air conditioning unit. Once you decide on the size and model of your new unit, you also need to determine the best location on your property. The location of your air conditioning unit is very important and can impact the life of the unit. Here, we’ll provide our best tips for choosing a location for installing your air conditioning unit.


Find an area with enough space


The two most important things to consider when installing an air conditioning unit is accessibility and breathing room. You’ll want to find a spot outside your home that’s easily accessible for AC technicians to perform maintenance and repairs. Additionally, your unit must have enough breathing room. This can affect your unit’s efficiency, so don’t try to crowd a new unit with other items!


Choose a shaded spot


An outdoor air conditioning unit is built to weather the outdoor elements. However, you should avoid consistent direct sunlight. This can cause the unit to overheat, meaning your home is not cooled properly. Even worse, your AC unit could die out sooner than expected. It’s best to install your air conditioning unit in a shaded area to help ensure the unit stays cool enough to work properly. However, when you choose a shaded spot, keep the next tip in mind.


Be mindful of trees


If you’re considering placing your air conditioning unit under a tree, be mindful of the leaves and debris that fall from it. Leaves, pine straw, sticks, acorns, and other outdoor debris can clog or get stuck in an air conditioning unit. This can cause unnecessary repairs and reduce its efficiency. If you live in a particularly wooded area, be mindful of the trees and other landscaping surrounding the AC unit. You may need to make a habit, especially during the fall season, to remove pollen and tree debris from your AC unit and the surrounding area.


Avoid heat sources


While you may not think this a major issue in southwest Florida, it’s worth mentioning. When selecting the ideal spot for your AC unit, make sure to keep it away from heat sources. There aren’t many outdoor heaters in Florida, but appliances like refrigerators, lights, and TVs can produce just enough heat to cause problems for your new AC unit. When heat is blowing in your air conditioning unit, it causes it to work harder, meaning your home may not stay at the optimal temperature, and it puts strain on your unit. Keeping your air conditioning unit away from any other heat sources will help its efficiency in the long run!


Be aware of outdoor living spaces


Continuing the conversation on avoiding heat sources, be mindful of where outdoor living spaces are on your property. This isn’t just for safety or efficiency purposes but also to fully enjoy your outdoor space! Air conditioners run often in hot, humid Florida, and no one wants to talk over an AC unit or blast the TV volume every few minutes. For safety, it’s best to avoid places where kids and pets often play, too. 


Block off pet access


While we discuss safety with your air conditioning unit, it’s best to put your air conditioning unit in an area that’s not easily accessible to your dog. We understand many families with fenced-in yards will let their pets roam, but your unit should not be in that fenced area. Curious dogs can get into the wiring and coils, causing extensive damage to your unit. If you cannot completely remove the unit from a pet’s area, try using shrubs or other landscaping to keep dogs away from the unit.


When in doubt – ask the experts!


If you’re still unsure of the best location for your air conditioning unit, don’t fret! We highly encourage you to consult with a professional air conditioning company before making any firm decisions. Because of their expertise in the field, they can determine the exact spot to place your unit so your home stays cool and the unit lives a long life. An AC technician will identify potential locations when you discuss specifics for your new AC unit.


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Published: October 2, 2023
Author: McCarthy AC
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