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Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning

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Don’t get down when the temperatures go up! Turn to McCarthy Air Conditioning for professional AC repair and bring your indoor air back to comfortable temps. Our technicians work on all types of cooling equipment from most major manufacturers. We will service, repair, and replace your equipment as needed to keep it running properly and provide you with the best results your HVAC system can produce.

When it gets too hot, make us the name you call for quick, reliable service and equipment that you can count on to work when you need it. To schedule service or request an estimate, call (239) 834-5072.


Air Conditioner Replacement
If your AC unit is failing and fixing it is not an option, you can depend on us for a high-quality air conditioner replacement. We can replace your damaged equipment with a newer and more efficient model. AC replacement gets you brand-new equipment that can save you money in the long-run by contributing to lower energy costs.


About Ductless Air Conditioning
These allow you more control of the cooling in each room and help to control energy costs. Mini-splits do not require full-size air ducts. Each unit has its own fan and evaporator coil. Ductless mini-splits can be added to rooms individually, as needed to provide the best cooling for your home or building.

Full-Service AC Repair in Fort Myers

When temperatures become too hot to handle, you’ll need the expertise of local air conditioning specialists that can quickly tell you exactly what is wrong with your HVAC system and whip back into shape in a timely fashion. Let McCarthy Air Conditioning be your cooling solution. We diagnose, repair, and install:


❆ Rooftop AC Units

❆ Air Conditioning Units

❆ Dehumidifiers

 Thermostats & WiFi Controlers

 Ductless Mini-Split Systems



❆ Duct Engineering & Installation

❆ Thermostat Repair

❆ WiFi Thermostats

 Residential AC Repair & Replacement

 Commercial AC Repair & Replacement