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Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation 

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Control the temperatures in your home or business remotely with Wi-Fi thermostats installed by McCarthy Air Conditioning. We offer the latest and greatest high-tech thermostats available on the market to give you more control of your indoor climate. You can switch your AC off after you leave the building or turn it on in preparation for your arrival. Controlling the AC on the go makes everything easier! Call (239) 834-5072 to learn more about Wi-Fi thermostats and have one installed at your home or business in Fort Myers, Florida.


How Wi-Fi Thermostats Can Help to Manage Your Energy Costs
Wi-Fi thermostats allow users to monitor energy usage. These thermostats can detect a drop in efficiency and notify you so that you can take action. With the added ability to adjust your air conditioning on-the-fly, you can change AC settings as needed to maximize usage when you are present and minimize the energy that is expended when you are away. Because you can make these adjustments from wherever you are, the technology will ensure that you never have waste another dollar in extra energy costs.


To upgrade your home with amazing tech that will save you money, call us today at (239) 834-5072.

What Are the Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats?

Ultimately, programmable thermostats offer you more control of your heating and cooling system with added convenience! Benefits include:

❆ Remote Control Your AC from Wherever You Are!

❆ Save on Energy Costs


❆ Monitor Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

❆ Make Your Home Smart